The Passage: Will Netflix Pick The Show?

February 14, 2020

The Passage is among the most known TV series based on a book series. The vampire-thriller drama, but the series failed to live up to its book counterpart. Now, FOX has decided to cancel the series due to the audience dropped at the end of the first season. Also, Instagram posts from the youngest character Saniyya Sidney improves the lot of traction. Yet you must not panic as The Passage might have a great chance to grasp by Netflix or other networks. Here is everything to know about the matter:

Premature Cancellation

FOX has grabbed the attention of few notorieties for ending the series too early. It comprises One Day at a Time, The Tick, and Humans. But it becomes even worse when the network planned to cancel it only after its first season. Fox has declared that it will not be releasing its season two occurring the huge disappointment. The conviction was still surprising as there are still ways for shows to emerge. The initial season of the show is based on the first book in Cronin’s trilogy, and creators had the complete plan to create the following one. There are particular production challenges because of the complex plot in the second book. Though it is not that big that a skilful team is unable to overcome.

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