The Insider’s Guide to Order Cake and Flowers Online

November 7, 2019

Cake2homes is an online cake shop in Ahmedabad and specializes in variety of fresh, delicious & yummy cakes for weddings, birthdays and other special occasions with midnight delivery service.

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Every occasion calls for celebration and what better way to celebrate the good news with cakes and flowers. Cakes and flowers have become an integral part of the celebration. Let’s see some of the things which will guide you when you order cake and flowers online.

  • Check the credentials:

With the increase in the number of online frauds, it is advisable to check the credentials of the online sellers.  This can be done if the contact details of the seller you are getting is through someone who has availed their services, you can check through the testimonials they might have got for the work they have done.

  • Better to go for a seller who has a local shop:

Although there is nothing wrong if you order cake and flowers online whose shop is far away from where you want it to be delivered. However, it is advisable to order from the local shop. The reason has been that both cake and flowers are perishable items. Hence, the less distance it covers for the delivery, the fresher it is for the consumption or stays fresh for a more extended period.

  • An assortment of cakes and flowers are available:

The reason why people order online cakes and flowers is that they get ample options to choose from the website. These options in terms of the flavor of the cake and the types of flowers are oftentimes not available when you visit the shop personally.

  • Availability of personalization

Most of the time, when you go and visit any cake and flower shops, they are not open to customization. Personalization in the form of flavors of the cake, the design of the cake as well as the choice of flowers with the cake.

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