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October 7, 2020

More than 23 million people across the world are infected with the novel COVID-19. Despite implementing lockdown and restrictions on social gatherings, the virus is spreading at a rapid pace. People with a strong immune system are at low risk of catching the infection. However, the novel coronavirus can cause serious complications in diabetic patients.

Experts suggest that people suffering from a medical condition, such as diabetes can develop a serious illness from coronavirus infection. The main reason is that diabetic patients do not have a strong immune system. Their body is not capable of fighting a serious infection. The weak immune system and high blood sugar levels are the common reasons why diabetic patients have a hard time recovering from the novel coronavirus.

Are Diabetic Patients at High Risk of COVID-19 Infection?

Coronavirus started to spread across different parts of the world from China. According to the research, a majority of diabetic patients that caught COVID-19 infection developed serious complications. There is no denying that diabetic patients are at high risk of coronavirus, especially if their blood sugar levels remain high. It’s difficult for diabetic patients to fight pathogens because of their weak immune system.

Not only are the diabetic patients more likely to develop COVID-19 infection, but their immune systems are not strong enough to fight pathogens. High blood sugar levels can also impact your eyes. It can harm the blood vessels in the retina, causing serious eye damage. The Diabetic eye specialists in Vashi can help you retain your eyesight.

If you experience shortness of breath, cough, fever, and other COVID-19 symptoms, consult Dr. Vinod Methil. The sooner you contact a professional Diabetologist in Navi Mumbai, the higher the chances you will recover quickly. In the meantime, let’s take a look at the complications the COVID-19 virus can cause in diabetic patients.


Diabetic patients need to get the influenza vaccination every year to mitigate the risk of serious respiratory infections, such as pneumonia. COVID-19 can cause pneumonia, especially in patients with a low immune system. Diabetic patients need to be extra careful as they are at high risk of developing a serious infection from coronavirus.

High Blood Sugar

Any form of infection can put your body through stress. As a result, your body produces excess glucose. The high level of glucose leads to high blood sugar levels. Your body requires higher than normal insulin to fight the infection and keep stress levels under control.

High blood sugar levels can cause diabetic foot. You can experience blisters, dry skin, corns, fungal infections, and even foot ulcers. If you experience the unusual symptoms, visit a specialist, and get advanced diabetic foot care treatment in Vashi.


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