The Hearing Aid That Saved My Life

February 15, 2020

That is probably a bold statement saying that a hearing aid saved my life. I did not mean that literally rather that as soon as I received my latest hearing instrument my quality of life improved one hundred percent. Hearing aid technology has moved on significantly and is now more advanced than ever which is why I have decided to tell the world about the wonderful Audio Smart hearing instrument.

Sound recovery technology
The sound recovery technology has been built in to this instrument to allow users to be able to experience everyday sounds that other devices may not allow. Subtle sounds such as singing birds or whispering conversations. Its such a joy to be able to hear my wife when she whispers sweet nothings in my ear again and is something that should be rolled out to all hearing aids.

Speech zooming
Another big flaw of some other hearing aids
Tinnitus Terminator Review   is the ability to help improve hearing in noisy environments. As the shape of this model is slightly different than other conventional aids, combined with the latest in built audio processing chip I can now hear people much clearer even in busy environments like a football match. Maybe not so well in a nightclub or concert but in generally noisier environments and not extremely noisy environments the sound quality is excellent.

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