October 26, 2019

Esports didn’t impress too many people when they first appeared. Of course, there are a lot of serious gamers who started to pay more attention to them and for some, eSports have become a lifestyle. Those who are great at eSports, not just playing online betting games as a hobby now have several tournaments they can play in, offering them the possibility not only to gain the respect of other gamers but also win serious amounts of money in the process. There are minor tournaments, and there are major ones. Here are the greatest ones one could sign up for this year.

The International – Dota 2 

Dota 2 fans have most definitely heard about the International Dota 2 tournament. Firstly, it has been around for 7 years now, and secondly, but even more importantly, it is known for the huge prizes one can win if they are truly gifted. For instance, in 2019 the prize pool of the International has risen to more than $25,500,000. This is actually the biggest prize pool ever seen in eSports tournaments. In the previous years, the prize pool was not as impressive as this year’s, even so, since 2011 to the present day the tournament rewarded the best gamers with a total that rises above $105,000,000 in prize money. Thus, it is truly understandable why eSports players consider the International – Dota 2 tournament to be the most prestigious one in the world right now.

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