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The Difference Between Queen & King Size Bedsheets

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Buying a bed is not an easy task.

Here’s everything you need to know about a queen and king size bed to avoid confusion and to help you make an informed decision as per your needs. 


The key point of difference between the two lies in width, whereas length is the same. 

A typical king-size bed surfaces around 76’ inches wide and 80’ inches long, and a standard queen size bed is scaled at 60’ inches in width and 80’ inches in length. Both sizes can easily accommodate two people. However, the size of the bed differs in each country.  

Comfort Criteria 

The comfort factor depends upon personal preference. While some like more space and need extra leg room, others like it to be cosy and compact. Height also makes a difference while considering the two options. Another criteria that will affect comfort is whether a single person is sleeping on the bed or more than one person. 


The price depends on the size and quality of the mattress. A high-quality queen size bed is more expensive than a low-quality king size mattress. But overall, a king-size bed is always more expensive than a queen-sized one. 

This, in turn, also influences the price when buying bedsheets online for your beds. The king-size double bed sheets are costlier than queen size double bedsheets. Again, apart from the size, the quality also plays a major role in its cost. A pure cotton bedsheet with a higher thread count in queen size might be more expensive than a poor quality bedsheet in king size. 

Are you yet confused? Read ahead to know the advantages and disadvantages of a queen and king size bedsheet to simplify your decision making. 

Queen Size Bed


  • It is compact and can easily fit in a standard size room. 

  • A comfortable and cosy option for couples. 

  • A budget-friendly pick. 

  • Lighter than a king-size bedsheet. 

  • Easier to move around. 


  • No room for extra leg. 

  • Not ideal for very small bedrooms. 

  • Narrow for couples who toss and turn 

  • Can feel cramped up for heavyweight sleepers. 

King Size Bed


  • Ample amount of space for two or more people. 

  • Gives extra space in the storage area. 

  • Ideal for plus size people. 


  • It is not the right pick if you have a tight budget. 

  • Covers up the whole bedroom if the room is small. 

  • No space for other furniture. 

  • Not easy to move around. 

Certain criteria you should consider before picking out a bed.

  1. How spacious your bedroom is. 

  2. Analyse your total budget. 

  3. A count of people who will be sleeping on the bed. 

  4. Personal space preference. 

  5. Body size. 

You should now be able to figure out your choice of bed and buy a bed sheet accordingly. Portico offers a range of options in king and queen-sized bed sheets. Furthermore, they have fitted bed sheets, flat sheets, and various other bedding options such as bed covers and pillow covers. 

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