The Crio

November 16, 2019

The Crio by Vishwa Patel

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Crio was founded by Vishwa Patel and Yayati Patel in 2018 when we found our love for concrete. Crio started with the passion of creating new things which are not easily available in the Indian market. I Founder (Vishwa Patel ) and my brother and Co-founder Yayati Patel were very intrigued by CONCRETE this building material which was perceived as a construction material and not appreciated for its raw beauty. We are very fond of travelling and thats where our inspiration was derived from . We wanted to craft home Decor and lifestyle accessories which are unique and has its beauty in its texture and character . We highly celebrate the rawness and the industrial contemporary feel of the material . We try and experiment with colours and textures for our products .To know more visit:

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Crio is brand making hand crafted concrete products for decor. We aim to provide modern and chic home accessories at affordable prices in the market

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