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The contract fill / finish services market for biologics is anticipated to be worth USD 4.2 billion by 2030

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A steadily growing demand for biologic fill / finish services has generated a range of new opportunities for contract service providers; stakeholders have invested heavily to ensure product integrity and safety


Roots Analysis is pleased to announce the publication of its recent study, titled, “Biologics Fill / Finish Services Market, 2019-2030.”


The report features an extensive study on the contract service providers offering drug product manufacturing services within the biopharmaceutical industry. The study features in-depth analysis, highlighting the capabilities of a diverse set of companies that claim to specialize in fill / finish operations. Amongst other elements, the report includes:

  • A detailed review of the overall landscape of contract fill / finish services market for biopharmaceuticals.

  • A region-wise, company competitiveness analysis, highlighting prominent fill / finish service providers across various packaging types.

  • Elaborate profiles of key players across key geographies (North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific).

  • An analysis of the recent collaborations (signed since 2013) focused on the contract fill / finish services for biologics.

  • A detailed analysis of the expansions undertaken (since 2013) by various service providers for augmenting their respective fill / finish service portfolios.

  • An estimate of the global contract fill / finish capacity, by taking into consideration the capacities of various fill / finish service providers.

  • An informed estimate of the annual demand for fill / finish of biologics, taking into account the top 20 biologics.

  • An analysis to identify the key performance indicators for service providers active in the domain.

  • A case study to highlight the benefits of using robotic / automated equipment for aseptic fill / finish processes.

  • A case study to highlight the role of ready-to-use packaging containers in aseptic fill / finish operations.

  • A discussion on the potential growth areas and recent trends impacting the outsourcing potential for biopharmaceuticals.

  • A detailed market forecast, featuring analysis of the current and projected future opportunity across key market segments (listed below)

  • Types of Primary Packaging Containers

  • Ampoules

  • Cartridges

  • Syringes

  • Vials

  • Types of Biologics

  • Peptides / proteins

  • Antibodies

  • Vaccines

  • Cell therapies

  • Gene therapies

  • Viral products

  • Oligonucleotides

  • Others


  • Company Size

  • Small-sized

  • Mid-sized

  • Large / very large


  • Scale of Operation

  • Preclinical

  • Clinical

  • Commercial


  • Key Therapeutic Areas

  • Cancer

  • Infectious diseases

  • Autoimmune diseases

  • Cardiovascular diseases

  • Other indications


  • Key Geographical Regions

  • North America (US, Canada)

  • Europe (UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and rest of the Europe)

  • Asia-Pacific (Japan, China, South Korea, India and Australia


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Contact Information

Roots Analysis Private Limited

Gaurav Chaudhary

+1 (415) 800 3415

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