The biopharmaceutical contract manufacturing market is projected to grow at an annualized rate of ~8%, till 2030

January 7, 2021

Roots Analysis has done a detailed study on Biopharma Contract Manufacturing Market (3rd Edition), 2019-2030, covering key aspects of the industry’s evolution and identifying potential future growth opportunities.


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Key Market Insights

  • Over 235 companies worldwide claim to offer contract manufacturing services for various types of biopharmaceutical drug / therapy products.
  • The market landscape is highly fragmented featuring the presence of both established players and new entrants; majority of biopharmaceutical CMOs are based in the developed geographies.
  • Case study: CMOs focusing on niche biologic markets, primarily novel product candidates for which in-house biomanufacturing expertise is low, are likely to experience significant growth in the coming years.
  • The installed global contract manufacturing capacity, spread across various geographies, is currently estimated to be over 4.5 million liters.
  • The demand for contract manufacturing services is expected to rise across different therapeutic areas; closer inspection of available capacity and expected utilization trend are required to optimize supply parameters.
  • With over 450 deals inked in the past six years, there has been a surge in the partnership activity; majority of the collaborations have been signed for the development and manufacturing of cell therapies and antibodies.
  • In order to cater the increasing demand for biologics, stake holders are actively expanding their existing capabilities; this is evident from the various acquisitions that have recently been reported.
  • We expect the developers to continue to outsource their manufacturing operations in the short to mid-term, resulting in an annualized growth rate of more than 8%.
  • In the long term, the projected opportunity is anticipated to be well distributed across various types of expression systems used for biomanufacturing, scale of operation and size of contract service providers


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