The 10 Most Misunderstood Facts About Digital Marketing Companies

March 3, 2020

Digital Marketing is evolving as a key part of the marketing strategy. However, there are several myths and misconceptions about digital marketing companies.

Here is the most popular misconception about digital marketing.
1. People think increasing your brand visibility in popular sites is the only part of online marketing.
It’s not true, a brand should equally concentrate on blogs, positive reviews, and social media
marketing to boost the online presence.
2. Most people neglect email marketing thinking it’s has one of the least visibility and its one of the
oldest strategies. In reality, email marketing is one reliable way to keep your loyal customers
3. It is commonly misunderstood that negative reviews are bad, so it is essential to remove all
negative comments. But, it’s all about handling your customer's issues. Addressing customer's
complaints, resolving their issues and providing the right information will increase your
reliability and give a positive image.
4. Most brands in countries like Dubai believe digital marketing is not necessary for online visibility.
The prime role of a marketing company is to uplift your brand in search engines. Hence, only an
expert digital marketing company in Dubai can ensure this with a combination of keywords and
the right strategy.
5. Digital marketing is highly suitable for bigger brands. This is not true, irrespective of the
organization size, any brands can get good ROI through an ideal approach and appropriate
6. Another common misconception is “ Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing are the
same”. There are a lot of elements in digital marketing. SSM is one sub-section of it, not the only
7. People need to understand that like any other matter, marketing results are also not
instantaneous. Good things take their time to deliver positive outcomes
8. A website should be stuffed with content. Certainly, an ideal website should be filled with high-
quality, and relevant content, but too much senseless content makes the audience irritated. A
good digital marketing company focuses more on quality content than quantity.
9. Most brands believe, creating a website is enough. However, for the solid online presence, there
are other elements like online visibility, relevant posting, positive review, and back-linking.
10. High- website traffic should be a key focus. Certainly, a good digital marketing company should
concentrate on website traffic, but they should also ensure the conversion rate. Hence,
attracting the right audience should be the key strategy for any brand.

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