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Thai oil massage

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If you are searching for a Thai body massage in delhi, stop by our location in Near - Select City Walk Mall, Saket New Delhi.

This alternative relaxation and healing method is based on the effect of force on the energy paths of the individual organs of the human body, called meridians (pathways in the body through which energy flows) and their pressure points, so that the entire body is subjected to systematic pressure massage from the top of the head , back muscles, also massage of arms and legs including fingers.

The use of slow and elongated touches combined with stretching and acupressure releases the energy in the body, releasing joints, muscles, tendons and stretching the spine.

Beneficial effects of massage in delhi:

• Excellent effect on vascular, blood and lymphatic systems,
• Reduces swelling, solidification of tissues, helps to control bowel
• Boosts immunity and soothes the nervous system
• Overall physical and mental relaxation
• Induces overall harmony and gives rest to body, mind and soul
• Excellent disease prevention

Thai oil massage is rightly considered a therapeutic massage, whose foundations are found in antiquity. It uses elements of traditional Thai massage, traditional Chinese medicine and special massage oils.

The massage begins with a massage of the neck, back, legs, back, front, abdomen, chest and ends with a massage of the legs and face.

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