Tenofovir medication guide for patients

September 25, 2020

Also going by its trade name Viread, Tenofovir is used for the treatment of chronic Hepatitis B and HIV/AIDS. Note that it is not a cure to these conditions but is mainly used to treat the symptoms or lower the chances of the disease to spread.

Tenofovir 25 mg is prescribed with other antiretrovirals usually. Always follow the specific dosage that is given by the doctor. If you miss one, take it as soon as you remember and if you overdose, contact your healthcare professional right away. It can be given to both adults and children (over 2 years who weigh 10kgs or more).

If you have liver problems such as HBV infection, bone, or kidney problems, it is best to mention about those to the doctor before starting therapy. Women are strictly advised to refrain from breastfeeding because the ingredients of Tenofovir can pass through breast milk and harm the baby. You need to take medicine at the same time every day, with or without food. 

Tenofovir 25 mg tablets are available at 19000 INR at present. You can get it from a well-known pharmacy at the wholesale market price. 

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