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January 12, 2021

Wouldn’t it be beautiful if all of us were born and lived in a dream house? But, no matter where we are living, we always have a dream house. My native place and home are quite spacious with a huge garden in the front and a massive backyard. This is another type of luxury which is available mostly to those who live in towns or villages. 


Here, in cities, it becomes hard to own a huge space like this and build a huge home on it. Not all can afford it. But, a dream is a dream and I had one too. Though my native home is dear to my heart, I wanted a cozy space for myself in the city where I work.  I got that opportunity through one of the Subha builders projects.


 I was looking for good and affordable projects near the city when I came across subha builders reviews. Every review of reflecting positive vibes. One subha builders review I read was more like a green signal for me to go for their project. This man was talking about huge gardens and sunlight, etc. Reminded me of my home back in the village.


I contacted Subha builders, got the basic project details and chose the nearest one, and scheduled a site visit. I was very much sure because in any of the reviews I did not see subha builders complaints.


After visiting the site, I decided to show it to my parents also. Within a month I was at the table again to discuss the finances and the staff helped me a lot.  I had no Subha builders complaint.


Needless to say, I have a place called home in this very city, and whenever I call my friends for a party or a night over, everybody praises it and I love it.

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