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Step Out From Ammonia-Rich Hair Colour Shampoos

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Hair colors with ammonia destroy the structural integrity of your hair. Overtime your favorite hair color shampoo for women and men makes your hair dry, fragile, and unhealthy. Ammonia being alkaline in nature increases the pH level of your hair while applying a hair dye.  It also lightens up the natural hair color, resulting in re-coloring.

Most of us want to hide our grey hairs behind the natural black strands. We look into various options to fetch a perfect one for our hair. After spending a lot of time, we get convinced with ammonia-rich hair color shampoo for men and women. This is when we need to stop. The trend of using ammonia-free hair color shampoo started a long time ago.

Now let us shift to the product launched by Vasmol - Vasmol Ayurprash shampoo hair color. This is easy to apply and safe hair color shampoo for men and women. The unique blend of herbal extracts from Amla, Hibiscus, Methi, and Bhringraj offers natural-looking hair color and nourishes your hair. Hair dyes are temporary beauty secrets but your beautiful hair strands are your natural and permanent beauty. Therefore using a herbal product for your hair is always a better option.

This hair color shampoo for women and men is completely ammonia-free and therefore is safe. You need just 5 minutes to get a perfectly natural-looking black hair color. Using it requires a pair of gloves. Pour the formula on your palm and massage your dry hair. Wait for 5-10 minutes and wash off your hair till it is completely clean. This hair color shampoo is available in natural black shade and it starts at an affordable price.

Remember your hair requires deep root nourishment so that the hair cuticles locks in moisture and doesn't allow your hair to break down easily. Therefore use 100% ammonia-free and organic hair dyes. These are gentle colors that offer hair protection and shine. It covers all your greys and gives a natural-looking finish. Moreover, it is odorless, harmless, and a luxurious pampering treat for your hair.

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