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Stand by / fuel hydrogenation station

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Tech Specification

Using palladium and platinum bimetallic deoxidization catalyst, the deoxidization effect can reach the oxygen content ≤1ppm,

and the atmospheric pressure deoxidization effect can also reach the oxygen content ≤5ppm.

Adopting high quality molecular sieve with large loading coefficient and high adsorption capacity rate,

hydrogen moisture content of the product can be ≤-75℃ dew point.

Adopting high efficiency sintered nickel tube filter, filtration efficiency can reach 99.9999%.

After dust removal, the molecular particle size is ≤0.3μm.

The purification working pressure can be adjusted from 0.8MPa to 3.2MPa,

and the maximum processing capacity can exceed the design value by 15%.

The amount of regenerated gas is 5%-10% of the processing capacity, and the power consumption is zero.

If the raw gas regeneration or the three-tower process is adopted, the hydrogen loss is zero.

Fully equipped, the device has compact structure and is easy to maintain.

PLC+ touch screen (or industrial computer) -- automatic operation.

ZXD Hydrogen Purification Plant
P/N &Specification ZXD10
Treatment capacity  m3/h 10
Working Pressure MPa 1.6-3.0
Working Temperature Deoxidation℃ 80-100
Dry℃ 10
Regenerate℃ 250
Cooling Water Volume t/h 1.5
Power Consumption KW 2
Instrument Gas Consumption m3/h 2
Product gas Moisture content (dew point) ≤-75℃
Oxygen Content(ppm) ≤2
Control Mode PLC Fully Automatic
External dimension 2×1×2.5
Length × Width × Height (m)
Unit Weight(t) 1
Remarks : Product hydrogen Regeneration-type,Three towers-type


Product Characteristic

Water Electrolysis Hydrogen Production Equipment/Hydrogen Purification Equipment

Zhongxinda medium pressure hydrogen purification equipment.

It is equipped with a variety of processes such as hydrogen generated and air separation nitrogen regeneration

and three-tower regeneration without consuming raw gas.

Hydrogen with high purity is obtained after catalytic deoxygenation, cooling and condensation,

adsorption secondary drying and high efficiency filtration of sintered nickel tube. The equipment is widely

used in electronics, gold, chemical, glass, new energy and other industries.

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Email:  || Skype: onlywnn_1
Whatsapp: +86-18020776786


About us

Xiamen Zhongxinda Hydrogen Energy Technology Co., Ltd. has been specializing in the design, research and development,
manufacturing and sales of water electrolysis hydrogen generation equipment,
hydrogen storage equipment and hydrogen purification device for various industries.

Zhongxinda is committed to the full ecological coverage of hydrogen energy. We can independently complete the design,
on-site installation, commissioning, start-up and operation, maintenance,
overhaul and technical upgrading of the whole hydrogen generation and supply station,
and provide timely and effective after-sales service

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