Stackers – The basic need of warehouses

November 9, 2020

Stackers has always been the key element for storage in warehouses, essentially used for light load applications. Stackers provide all the essential functions as stacking, loading, unloading and handling heavy materials in a warehouse or any storage space.
Key facts

Essentially used for light load applications, Stackers has been a low-cost alternative to forklifts.
Stackers offer easy maneuverability. They offer flexible loading and retrieval. Stackers can access small areas and confined places where forklifts cannot access. This makes sure that goods can be stacked in closer vicinity, thus using the storage space more efficiently. In such arrangements, forklifts cannot be used.
Stackers are easier to operate and easier to maintain.
Role of stackers in industries

Used in paper industries for moving of Paper rolls from one place to another
Hydraulic Stackers is used in almost all industries for lifting and transporting skids, bales, baskets.
Walkie stackers are used in all industries to move pallets in the factories warehouses.
Drum Stackers are used in drum handling to lift, tilt and rotate metal/plastic drums.

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