Soy and Autoimmunity Benefits Of Immunity Formulas

May 22, 2020

So many Americans are turning to what    Immunity Formulas Review  they believe to be a “health food”, but are actually hurting their immune systems. Soy is NOT a health food. If you have an autoimmune disease or are pregnant, you should be especially careful to avoid foods made from soy.

Just 4 tablespoons of soy per day is enough to cause estrogen dominance and hypothyroidism. Estrogen dominance is BAD news for the autoimmune sufferer. This hormone is proinflammatory and will make your autoimmune symptoms worse! Additionally, hypothyroidism suppresses immune function.

Hypothyroidism can also make you cold and fat. Who wants that?!?! I noticed after I switched from cow’s milk to soy milk that I suddenly no longer needed my air conditioning, even when it was over 100 degrees outside.

Benefits Of Immunity Formulas

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