Sodium Lignosulfonate Uses in Construction

September 29, 2020

Sodium Lignosulfonate powder is one of the most important chemicals used in the global concrete admixture industry. The main role of sodium lignin sulfonate in concrete is to reduce water. Kingsun sodium lignosulfonate powder can be used to improve the workability of concrete mixtures or to enhance concrete strength, reduce permeability, and improve durability.
The sodium lignosulphonate acts as a retarding and superplasticizer in the structure. It is an anionic surface-active material. Its adsorption and dispersion of cement can improve various physical properties of concrete. It can be compounded as early strength agent, retarder, antifreeze, pumping agent. The liquid admixture formulated with the naphthalene-based superplasticizer complex is substantially free of precipitates.
Sodium lignosulfonate powder is mainly used as a cement water reducer, which causes the cement group to diffuse, precipitates moisture, increases its fluidity, thereby reducing mixed water and saving cement. When used in petroleum drilling slurry formulations, it can be used to reduce mud viscosity and shear forces to control the fluidity of the drilling mud. In this case, inorganic mud and inorganic salt impurities remain suspended in the well to prevent mud flocculation. It also has outstanding salt tolerance, calcium resistance, and high-temperature resistance.
Sodium lignin sulfonate powder can also be used as concrete water reducer, oil drilling, mud dispersing agent, a ceramic binder such as printing and dyeing, pigment dispersing agent and water treatment agent, tincture and so on.
This chemical can be used as a binder in the briquetting process in vertical zinc smelters. In addition, it can be used as an embryo enhancer in porcelain, pottery, and refractory materials, and expands the fluidity of the slurry by improving the strength of the embryo.
Suitable for summer concrete, high-flow concrete, pumping concrete, concrete products, and concrete construction, as well as special requirements for slowing concrete, concrete piles, concrete pile sinks, hand-drilled concrete piles, and underground mass concrete construction, with good economy benefit.
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