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Slitting appliance, also known as slitting range

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Slitting appliance, also known as slitting range, slitting machine, slitting appliance, is used for uncoiling, slitting, and winding metal coils into coils from the required width. It would work for processing cold-rolled and hot-rolled carbon steel, silicon steel, tinplate, stainless steel and also various metal materials right after surface coating.
1. Intent: Suitable for longitudinal shearing with metal strips, and rewinding this slitted narrow strips straight into rolls.
2. Advantages: handy operation, high cutting top quality, high material utilization, and stepless speed regulation belonging to the cutting speed.
3. System: It consists of unwinding (unwinding), major material positioning, slitting along with slitting, coiling (rewinding), for example.
4. Applicable materials: tinplate, silicon metallic sheet, aluminum strip, truck driver, stainless steel sheet, gal sheet, etc.
5. Appropriate industries: transformers, motors, kitchen appliances, automobiles, building materials, packaging industries, etc.
Slitting appliance type
1. Parallel knife shearing machine. The two blades on this shearing machine are parallel together. It is usually employed for transverse shearing of blooms (square and slabs) along with square and rectangular section billets, so it is additionally called billet shearing unit. This type of shearing equipment sometimes also uses two forming blades to frosty cut rolled parts (such seeing that round tube blanks along with small round steel, or anything else. ), at this time the shape of the blade is adapted on the cross-sectional shape of the particular cut rolled part.
3. Oblique blade shearing device. The two blades of this shearing machine, the upper blade is inclined, your lower blade is horizontally, and they are for a certain angle to one another. The inclination of top of the blade is 1°~6°. These kinds of shearing machine is frequently used for cold shearing and also hot shearing of steel plates, strip steels, thin slabs and welded water pipe billets. Sometimes it can also be used to cut tiny steel into bundles. 2021ld


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