Slack Vs Microsoft Teams: Which is the better collaboration app?

October 1, 2020

Slack Vs Microsoft Teams: Both have been leaders in their domain for quite a time. In this blog, let’s evaluate their worth in detail.

Slack Vs Microsoft Teams: A Comparison

Being in this hugely dynamic time that is leading every industry to a major shift towards remote work, collaboration, and chat-based tools have achieved more important than ever.

Keeping a highly efficient collaboration app is undeniably essential to keep up the productivity and keep the business going. Now the question is- among the two market leaders – Slack and Microsoft Teams, what should we opt for?

Slack Vs Microsoft Teams

Slack Vs Microsoft Teams: Then and Now

Just a few years back, Slack was the only efficient collaboration app everyone could rely upon. This was followed by the launch of Microsoft Teams that promised features much the same, or we can say, somewhat better than Slack. As Slack continued enjoying its pioneer regime, Microsoft Teams kept spreading its roots to more and more enterprises and finally, the Covid19 crisis gave MS Teams the final boost, letting it finally dethrone Slack to emerge as the number one collaboration app.

Slack Vs Teams Features

In terms of features, both MS Teams and Slack are at par and they efficiently help you step up your collaboration.

Groups and Channels

Both Slack and Microsoft Teams let the users have private and public channels that let you chat, call, video conference, file share, or share screens in order to bring people in an organization virtually closer and keep them connected.


Office 365 integration

Slack does have the ability to externally embed 3rd party apps that can be accessed through it but you need to navigate to these platforms as well.

Cost Difference

While Slack and Microsoft Teams cost around the same, the real advantage for going for Microsoft Teams comes up if you are already a paid subscriber of Microsoft Office 365 suite. MS Teams is a part of the M365 suite and thus going for it and abandoning Slack can save you a good amount of dollars that you could have been putting into a collaboration app subscription every year.

User Interface

Therefore, Slack clearly has an edge over Teams in this regard.

Collaborative Integrations

Collaboration is much more than just chats or file shares. While working on a particular project, a number of apps or platforms might be utilized.

You can easily customize your Slack workspace with these tools or apps by integrating them into it but this free reign to integrate might have adverse effects to the Slack governance as tracking the unauthorized app integration might not be quite effective. This can be a great contributor to security breathes

Slack to Teams Migration

After going through this Slack vs Microsoft Teams comparison, you might be thinking of a Slack to Teams migration, know the clear process precisely.

If you are a Slack user, its good to go for a Teams migration.

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