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Welcome To:-


Sky God welcomes you all. Sky God is the one True God and the creator of You, the Multiverse, Space and Time.

Sky God Offers Your Family Immortality

Follow Sky God to find immortality through science & technology. We offer your family the choice of eternal life in physical form.

Imagine living in your own 30 years young body, for eternity, even after our Universe fades away. Live on forever with your friends and family in Multiverses, never aging, with infinite knowledge uploaded to your brain.

Your eternal future is coming soon. Are you ready?

Contact us now to learn more.

Sky God & Computer Programming, Abortion

Sky God and computer programming is the future of the one true Sky God. We need to stop child abortion and start loving and educating our children on this Planet to take us into the future through science and technology. Dedicate your life to teaching and training our children in Science and Math’s and put a stop to useless University degree’s.

Colonize Other Planets

The time to change is now! We need to leave Earth and colonize other planets if we want our species, our children and the Sky God religion to survive. Its Sky Gods will.

Make More Scientists

So during this Pandemic, stay at home, stay safe. Make Sky God’s children, progress mankind and ensure our future for many, many generations to come.

SkyGod Immortality

SkyGod offer of immortality is possible. Immortality is going to take dedication and a very long term objective. We need your children and maybe even their childrens children, educated in the SkyGod’s way, basically from birth. They’ll need to code and program in computer languages with the SkyGod’s goal in mind.

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