Signs of jinn in the house

October 15, 2020

There is both good and evil in this entire world. Sometimes, evil powers overpower us & takes the life inside us. You should always identify the signs of jinn in the house. If you find any, then islam can help you fighting such non-invited spirits.

Many a time, a foreign entity enters your house and you do not realize it soon. However, it’s really crucial to find it out soon so as to avoid further repercussions. So, what are the symptoms? If a foreign entity or jinnat has entered your house, then you will feel sudden sadness, anxiety, or depressions.

Moreover, you or your family members can also fall seek at times. If your family members are getting sick more often, then you should never ignore this sign. It strongly depicts that a jinn may have entered your house.

There is nothing to worry if you start reciting islamic duas or wazifas on time. You can have a good word with our Molvi Ji, he will definitely figure out the intensity of your problem. And, he will suggest some good ways to tackle the problem. He may also give you a taweez for your protection. Just keep in mind that Allah Tallah is with you. And nothing bad will happen with you.

So, how to perform the dua if you have found any signs of jinn in the house?

  • Start by reciting Al Basrah.
  • Then, start reciting Surah al Jinnat for 6 times.
  • Thereafter, take a verse from Surah Al Hashar for 4 times.
  • After that, repeat ‘ya wudu’ for 500 times.
  • Then, memorize Allah and recite this dau for 321 times. The dau is as stated below, “al Basrah zimmah Quran al torahei”
  • Do this for at least 1 month.

Make sure that whenever you find such signs in your house, do not ever take it lightly. As otherwise, it can create severe problems later on. The jinn will start to overpower you.

If you face any problems or have doubts to ask, then you can always talk to our Molvi saab ji. He will patiently listen to your problem. Thereafter, he will identify and analyze the intensity of the problem. And, he will offer you a good suggestion for that matter.

Whatever situations you may go through, just remember that Allah Tallah is with you. He will not let anything bad happen with good people. Have utmost faith in him. Also, follow everything stated by our Molvi saab ji in a good manner.

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