Sidewalk shed vs sidewalk bridge

September 14, 2020

A sidewalk shed is a temporary structure built to keep the sidewalk and pedestrians safe from the falling debris under the building going through the construction phase. Sidewalk shed Nyc was declared a must in 1980 for any building that is going to be constructed at the height of 40 feet and for any building that is going to be renovated, demolished, or semi demolished at the height of 25 feet. The sidewalk shed is a temporary structure and its deadline is 300 days when the construction is completed. It is the duty of the sidewalk shed permit holder to remove the sidewalk shed as soon as possible. The permit issued by the department of the building has the validity of 300 days after that a permit holder must remove the sidewalk shed or renew the permit.

Sidewalk sheds Vs Sidewalk Bridge

Sidewalk shed is the steel pipe and plywood structure that is built to keep the citizens safe from the facade falling from the building that is going through construction work. And the sidewalk bridge is the setup that the workers use to get up there and do the work. Sidewalk bridges are of two types suspended sidewalk bridge and the pipe sidewalk bridge. A suspended sidewalk bridge is a kind of wood that is suspended in the air. The suspended sidewalk bridge is suspended with two strong strings and has an attached pulley that pulls up the workers and material. Suspended Bridges are like the lifts. Whereas the pipe sidewalk bridge is the stable structure built in the alignment of the sidewalk shed and the workers climb that bridge. Some sites install the stairs with pipe sidewalk bridges whereas some sites keep the design as it is.

Sidewalk shed and sidewalk bridge are both equally important and industry also doesn’t consider any difference between them because you can”t create the sidewalk shed NYC without sidewalk bridge or also called sidewalk scaffolding both scaffolding and bridge are accepted words in the industry. The sidewalk bridge is the main part of the sidewalk shed and is used by the workers as the medium to go up and down.

Sidewalk sheds are important structures as they are used to keep the public safe. There are some contractors that differ from the sidewalk bridge concept and they believe that the sidewalk bridge is the second name of the sidewalk shed. Let me quote one of the contractors that are explaining his work and he is not mentioning the sidewalk shed although he is talking about the sidewalk shed he is calling the sidewalk shed a sidewalk bridge.

The sidewalk shed industry is growing day by day and there are many companies out there that have their own way of work and understandings. Therefore we cannot say that the sidewalk shed is correct and the sidewalk bridge is wrong both these terms with the third term as scaffolding is accepted by the industry.

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