Should You Use PVC Curtains In Cold Weather? Learn From The Experts

November 28, 2020

There’s no denying that PVC is indeed a great material and provides a lot of benefits to be precise. One of those benefits is providing a heavy with enough barrier to block out cold air from entering a particular space or premises. Well-fitted PVC curtains can prevent noise, heat, small bugs, smell and other contaminants from entering a specific enclosed area. 

Since these PVC curtains can drop down almost to a ground-level similar to an actual doorway, there’s minimal transfer of heat or cold – thereby acting as

insulated sectional doors. So, if you have space through which there is constant movement, PVC curtains can help you fix any temperature issues. Having said that, we are sharing some vital information that you should know before you proceed to use PVC curtains in cold weather.

PVC Is Highly Durable

One of the great things about using PVC curtains is that they won’t show much wear & tear caused by the surrounding environment. You should know that PVC is highly durable and will not pick-up any damage even when used inside low-temperature areas. 

For illustration, if you choose to go with a PVC curtain that is freezer grade, you’d still have any problems because the material is designed in such a manner that can withstand colder temperatures. Even when the summer will come around, you won’t have any issues because the PVC curtain can resist hotter temperatures too. 

In comparison, using wooden doors can have its side-effects, especially during the rainy or monsoon season. This is because wood tends to expand and contract in damp & dry weather, respectively. But, with PVC curtains, you’ll not be facing such problems at all. These curtains are also easy to clean when compared to traditional wooden doors because all you necessitate is a damp cloth or sponge to rub over the entire area. Moreover, these curtains can be used on both indoor as well as outdoor environments.

PVC Is Highly Cost-Effective

Even after providing so many features, PVC curtains tend to be hugely cost-effective in the long-run. The reason is that they not only cost less than regular wooden doors but they can also last a lifetime – meaning there will be less frequent replacements you need to do. Furthermore, replacing PVC curtains is easy as you don’t need to replace the entire curtain, but only the strip that has worn out. Such a feature makes PVC curtains budget-friendly. 

You can proceed to use PVC curtains anywhere you want – be it your warehouse or manufacturing premises. There is indeed a lot more flexibility when using PVC curtains compared to regular wooden doors. 

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