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Should You Bundle Cable, Internet, and Phone?

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Bundling as a concept is still pretty new to many individuals and households. The essence of a bundle is to attract as many consumers as there can be towards a service provider. The obvious question that might arise in your mind is that why would be bringing two or three different aspects of the service provider, which in this case are internet, phone, and cable together such a good idea?

Well to put things in perspective, a service provider would offer a bundle, let’s assume a bundle that offers all three of the above-mentioned aspects, for a lower price than what the three entities would cost on their own. This means that if you were to get a separate internet plan, a separate cable TV plan, and a separate phone plan, then the cumulative cost of these three would amount to a value that is a lot more than what a bundle might offer. This is one reason why companies promote the sale of bundles.

One more reason is that service providers would love to have an ever-increasing number of their products being sold or used in the market. To do this they offer a bundle that includes one of the company’s bestselling options along with an option that isn’t particularly doing well in the market, this would in turn, then boost the sale of the lesser demanded product and save the company a lot in terms of inventory costs along with some wear and tear of the products or equipment.

What are Bundles?

As we stated before that a bundle is an entity that has merged more than one or two plans or services to bring forward a price that is somewhat less or rather a discounted price than what would have been taken on by the consumer if he or she had opted to get these plans separately.

Some service providers like to provide a little extra to their customers in their bundles. Service providers like AT&T or Verizon FiOS may be providing premium channels in their bundles which would of course boost sales by quite a bit. However, some service providers present a more permanent attraction to the customer or consumer. Service providers often boast about their brand image or quality of their services as a non-physical entity that consumers might get attracted to. Such an example is Spectrum Internet who through their Customer Service attracts people by showcasing that for them the customers’ needs and wants are above anything, plus the added benefit of a lower cost in the form of bundles is always appreciated.  Click here to see more information.

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