Seven reasons to trek to the Everest Base Camp:

January 26, 2021


The name-Everest is enough to create a level of awe and mesmerism in our minds that is oft unparalleled. For an adventure-lover and a traveler-by-heart, Everest is not just the highest peak in the world but the name of that glory or accomplishment that they will always look to triumph over.


Indeed, a climb to the Everest summit is one of the most ‘uphill’ tasks one can perform. With the level of challenge and risk that it poses, the Everest Base Camp trek is also something to look out for. A chance to peek into wondrous things yet unknown will etch this trekking experience into your memory forever. 


However, if you are still not convinced, explore why you should embark on the scenic splendor and challenging terrains at least once in your lifetime. 


  1. The phenomenal views that dominate your entire trek:


The Everest Base Camp Trek will furnish you with a chance to be surrounded by the mighty Himalayan peaks and a sprawling landscape that dominates the rich shades of green towards the lower altitudes and transitions into other-worldly hues of the spectrum. The forests, trickling streams of clear water, and then the gradual progress to sparsely vegetated valleys enclosed by milky-white, lofty mountains formed of ice and rocks is something that makes this trek unique. 


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