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SEO companies in UAE: Expectations vs. Reality

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SEO companies in UAE: Expectations vs. Reality


Almost every online business owner has come across Search Engine Optimization and its benefits and they all expect the same with SEO companies in UAE. When I asked what my clients expect from SEO, they had the same answers most of the time. They expect it to show their website up on Google.  


Expectation #1 – You Can See Great Results Overnight 

Many clients have this expectation. They feel that we just add a few keywords and they would wake up with top ranking on their website the very next day. They are not wrong. They are often bombarded by ads and emails screaming “Get your website ranking #1 on Google within 2 days, 3 days or weeks.” If any SEO company claims such things, you must be very careful.  


Fact Check 

It takes up to 4 to 12 months or even longer by an ideal SEO campaign to make changes and showing positive results. SEO is a long-term strategy. So, you need to make it count with SEO. 


Expectation #2 – Internal linking is worthless 

Most clients feel that internal links are nothing but a waste of time. If the whole thing is to achieve external backlinks to build authority, why we need internal linking? It is something most clients ask. 


The fact 

It is internal linking which makes navigation easier in your site. It also helps search crawlers to know your content. Google inspects the anchor text used in the internal link. 


Expectation #3 – Site optimization is all about keywords 

Most SEO guys do nothing but just stuff their clients’ websites with keywords and hide them on white background with white text, or simply in the footer where no one would notice. It works well at a time and helps rank a website for several keywords. But it is not something which works in the long run. 


The Fact 

The above method is very outdated and it can do more harm than good if you try it today. It could even cause penalties and worse rankings. Google updates its search algorithm all the time. It ranks websites with good content and reliability. It is always wise not to exceed keyword density to 1 to 3 percent. Google thinks keyword stuffing as spam. If you put only a few keywords, you might lose ranking.  

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