SEO Basics – Things that Most Business Owners Don’t Know

February 5, 2020

Don’t know much about SEO: Survey finds business owners lack basic knowledge

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Google launched around 20 years ago, in 1998, but still, most business owners don’t understand the value and importance of SEO fully. A digital agency Fractl has conducted a survey and found a shocking result.  That’s why we provide digital marketing course in Dubai


Around 55% of business owners admitted that they were ‘very’ or ‘pretty much’ familiar with SEO. Only 18.4% claimed that SEO was very vital for their business. Around 26% didn’t consider SEO vital for their success, and 55% were neutral. The latter group of people understood the importance of SEO, but they weren’t sure how much. 


Here are the SEO Basics Every Business Owner Should Know 

SEO training Dubai provides complete knowhow of search engines. It takes patience and practice to get it right, though. Besides, best practices continuously change and develop as search engine algorithms never remain the same at all times. 



Your search results cannot reach the top ranks without links. Links have become the essential ranking factors for search engines over the years and are still standing at the top of the list. They are so reliable that they can stick with you all the time. When they come from high authority sites, they send a trust signal to search engines. 



If you ignore content on your site, you are making a big mistake. Content is yet another essential factor for ranking. Google always expects you to come out with fresh content all the time to show that you are active. Content always keeps people stick to your site. It signals to Google that you are providing vital and relevant info. Google’s updates changed the way keywords are used in the content. 


Headings and Meta Descriptions 

The Meta descriptions and headlines of your page or post are shown in search results. It might be the first impression of your content. The Meta description is not a direct signal for ranking, but it is also very vital. It is helpful for users to decide whether to enter your site or page or not. At this point, the engagement which starts is known as click-through rate (CTR). Several people who see the result and who click on it is compared. 

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