Simple Guide on Selenium – IDE, Server, WebDriver

August 18, 2018

Selenium, a testing automation tool for websites, web CMS systems, web applications and web portals etc., and selenium is an open source testing tool that is used for the regression testing.

Selenium is the best tool in the testing industry and I was done with an application in ASP.NET and I had to continuously check the project in various browsers like Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer. To test my application I was searching for the cost-effective automated testing tool. I start to search in web and I hit with a “Selenium” testing tool. I am going to explain you the best part of selenium called Selenium-WebDriver. Selenium helps you in testing your web application repeatedly and it manages the test case effectively. Selenium Training in Chennai is the right way to get practical exposure in testing domain.
Selenium is a tool used to automate web browsers through controlling browsers by different programming languages and frameworks. The main objective of the selenium automation tool is to test the web application also for the repeated web testing.
Selenium IDE
Selenium IDE is a Firefox plugin which is used to record user communications and also it allows playback of the records by creating simple scripts.
Selenium Server
From the test program, Selenium server receives selenese commands and executes them, finally report back the final result. Selenium core executes a selenese command with the help of a brothe wser’s JavaScript execution engine. Any programming language which supports HTTP can use selenium server for the execution of test scripts since selenium server uses HTTP.
Selenium WebDriver
Selenium Web driver offers simple programming interfaces with well-structured object-oriented API. Directly it calls to the browser and it highly supports automation and features.
· Selenium server is used with web driver in the following criteria
· To distribute your test among different machines use Selenium Grid
Selenium is free automation testing tool and it is has well documented. Learn more in Selenium testing tool, if you have any critical issue, there numerous testing forum available in the web, you can get detailed information. Depends on the language API the feature available in one language will not available in another language.
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