September 22, 2020

People and to be on the summit search list in search engine your website should be SEO Optimized for that you habit to increase keyword all higher than the page, keyword have enough money weightage to your website even if searching. And google or any extra search engines identify these keywords.

Optimize Faster Loading
In your website sever those elements which makes your website slow the length of or load slow. A website should not admit more than 5 seconds to guide if it takes more than 5 sec you might lose your customer. In a research it is found out that 80% of the people depart the website because of slow loading.

Keywords on Image
When a customer in search engines the search engines not abandoned scans the keyword that are in amid content but it after that scans images. More keywords in the website will assist your site pop on summit in search list of customers. And the summit search list is viewed by customers.

Add links
In a website you can after that associate the extra pages of your website by add-on links. If you read out more or less your products then you can increase contacts on the text and can take up your customer for adjacent page. contacts can be integrated anywhere in the website taking into account in amid contents, under images or videos. contacts are taking into account shortcut for customer. associate can after that be inserted taking into account sign images or logos.

Add Infographics
Content is important for website but images and videos or extra creative things attract customer. You can use infographics where you can design the image in a creative or handsome way. People dont pick reading as it takes lot of to get into but images can convey what is in the text if you design the image correctly. That is why infographics are important for website and these images holds your customer from leaving.


A website is agreed important for thing and this website is uploaded on Internet and there are millions and billions of websites on internet. If a customer searches on internet and there will be many websites in the search repercussion but customer prefers the summit most repercussion to be on summit most list of websites you habit to be SEO Optimized.

Add Key words
A website is created to attain multipart people on internet. To attain to taking into consideration google does not find your get into detail then your website will be in cause problems appropriately in precaution increase these get into details in prior.

Search kind URL
Your website URL should be search kind which should be easy and simple. And use proper language in your URL dont use WhatsApp language in your URL because computer or software will not understand these social languages appropriately avoid those languages. create a URL which is easily reached by both software and customer.


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