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April 7, 2020

SD-WAN Architecture technology provide a number of key capabilities necessary for ensure a fail safe SD-WAN Architecture over a multi huge link WAN ( Wide Area Network) fabric that can include internet connections and to tame the public internet.

Failsafe SD-WAN Technology

  • Persistent unidirectional estimation of parcel misfortune,and data transmission use.
  • Per-bundle sending choices and sub second reaction to adjust to arrange issues.
  • Clever connection accumulation, including the capacity to utilize all transfer speed over different dissimilar connections, in any event, for a high-transmission capacity stream

Failsafe SD-WAN Technology

  • A protected, adaptable, virtual WAN overlay texture supporting various WAN connections, including lower-cost web joins.
  • A unified controller design with incorporated administration, detailing, and approach control .
  • Branch office rearrangements capacities, including zero-contact provisioning (ZTP) .
  • Better access than cloud and SaaS.
  • Decision of physical or virtual machines
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Criterion Networks is a network transformation and solution integration partner offering validated OpenStack integrated SDN/NFV solutions to meet the custom needs of Operators.

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