Scope of machine learning in bangalore

November 6, 2019

With the increase in automation tools and artificial intelligence, the scope of machine learning in metropolitan cities like Bangalore is increasing tremendously and exponentially.

In some of the top IT hubs in our country like Bangalore, the demand for professionals in the domains of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence has surpassed over the past few years. As a result of which a lot of various machine learning training in bangalore is available right now.

For Machine Learning one has to start with the basics of Python Programming, Python algorithms, supervised and unsupervised learning, probability, statistics, decision tree, random forest, and linear and logistic regression. The applications of Machine Learning have already started from the United States like the driverless cars that are running over the streets of California and the cashless amazon-go store which does not charge a single penny instead it will auto-debit from your amazon account.   Machine Learning tutorial is all about creating a machine learning algorithm which is capable enough to solve real-world challenges



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