School Excursion in Sunshine Coast – It’s Always Dramatic

February 11, 2019

When it comes to taking students for school excursion Sunshine Coast is one of the best places with a wide array of vantage points that test their team-building skills and teamwork.

Thrill & adventure and school excursions go hand in hand – albeit in a more subtle form – and that is quite understandable. A school, after all, does not want to put its students under enormous rigour of stress and strain that adventurism is generally associated with.

However, that does not mean school excursions are short of challenges. Hence, when a place is good enough to throw up challenges to the students, it’s a heaven for school excursions. It takes an acid test of the mental and physical abilities of the students and helps to evaluate the effectiveness of team building.

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Sunshine Coast, from this point of view, is one of THE MOST favourite ‘hot spots’ in Australia for school excursions. With a wide range of natural landscapes and a variety of ‘things to experience’ Sunshine Coast is heaven for school excursions.

Getting physical on the circuit track of Kondalilla Falls

Surely, its the top-of-the-list spot of the Sunshine Coast. With a number of moderately rugged terrains, Kondalilla Falls is one of the most popular of its kind in Sunshine Coast. The 1.7 km long Picnic Creek Circuit track of the area poses the best backdrop for such excursions.

With rolling lush green hillocks and moderate ups and downs here are there, and with the ready availability of essential amenities like toilets, the region is a paradise for such excursions. A dip or two into the waterhole is the highlight of a hot summer excursion.

The King Beach Ocean Pool – enjoying quick dips

Surely, another highlight of Sunshine Coast for school excursion that will take the kids to the edge of the mighty Pacific waters. Water sports in this pool will take the kids on cloud nine.

And the location is perfect as well! With the Caloundra Kings Beach just next to it, this pool is ideal for quick dips minus the sands!

Team Building

Lake Currimundi – for relaxing all day!

Lake Currimundi, the natural water park is another excursion hot spot of Sunshine Coast. It lies hidden behind the Caloundra surf beach, and it is a cool and relaxing, calm water body – filled with fresh water.

It thus is a welcome relief for the kids and a fantastic place for some water sports in Sunshine Coast, where their team building ability is put to the test..and there is dune jumping as well!

Making it through the rain forest

And then, making it through the lush, green pocket of the rain forest of Cairncross Reserve, which sprawls over a 55-hectare area is another flash point of Sunshine Coast excursions.

With the glass house mountains in the vicinity, this is a perfect backdrop for some exciting workouts, which will keep the kids engrossed and entertained.

Picking up the trail that runs through the serene reserve forest makes the trip an epic one for the kids!

Another hot spot of the trip can be spotting the tiny wallabies – the paddymelons that live in the area.

So these are only a few to name. There are other spots though. The Cartwright Beach, the Gardners Falls, spotting the koalas at the Noosa National Park, exploring the rock pools in Caloundra or Mooloolaba, Wildflower Walk, exploring the Maleny Botanical Gardens are some of the other focal points of school excursions in Sunshine Beach.

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