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Salutation in the application and samples

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Salutation in the application

How another person greets you is crucial to the first impression. It is nothing else with an application. The salutation in the cover letter is an often neglected, but actually not insignificant factor in the effect of an application. With us, you will find out which form of address is the right one for which occasion and you will receive tips on how to skillfully formulate it. You will also find a variety of examples. But don't even start reading it if you still don't have an impressive resume, this reliable resume writing service will help you easy!

Fundamentals of salutation in the application

There are a few basic rules for addressing an application that you should always follow:

  • The salutation begins with “Dear Ms / Mister”
    A "good day", "hello" or "love" is inappropriate at this point, as it reduces the seriousness of the application. Alternatively, a "good day" is also possible. However, this should only be used if a first contact (e.g. a phone call) has already taken place or the job posting is generally very loosely worded.

  • If possible, you should always name a contact person
    You can find information about who is the right contact person for your application in most job advertisements or on the company's website. Alternatively, you can also call the company and ask for information. A direct address looks more familiar than a general "Dear Sir or Madam, ..."

  • A comma is placed after the salutation
    This rule applies to applications in German-speaking countries. After the comma after the salutation, it continues small with a space between the spaces. Nouns and proper names are an exception.

Dear Mrs Müller,

I would like…

  • It is sifted
    Accoding to fast growing writing seervice Write My Essay For Me, many job advertisements today - especially in the start-up scene - are written in "you" form. Nevertheless, we recommend that you always win in the application. If your contact person then answers you with "you" and his first name, you can continue to communicate with yourself.

  • Spell the names correctly
    Nothing is more unpleasant than a spelling mistake on behalf of the recipient of your application. With this you collect minus points and the reader will go through your documents with this in mind

As always, there are some special situations when addressing you. We explain how you should proceed.

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