Salient Features You Get To Enjoy With 6D Helmets

February 7, 2020

6D helmets UK

Helmets are essential when riding a bike. They not only protect your head but help you maintain safety when riding the bike and also maintain the safety of the people.When riding a bike or a dirtbike, you would come across some special technology-based helmets , and one such would be 6D helmets UK. Here are some of the prime features of this helmet.

Omni-Directional Suspension Technology: With kinetic energy management system and in-helmet suspension, this has become the favorite for so many bike riders.The main goal of designing this helmet would be to reduce energy transfer over broad energy demands.

This would include low, mid as well as high-velocity impacts.The technology of this helmet would displace and shear omnidirectionally when the subject would be impacted. Against linear and angular acceleration, this would help with a lot of improvisation. helmet or helmet technology that would be able to provide you with such energy management technology.

Elastomeric Isolation Damper: This is the exclusive technology and is the heart and soul of the 6D helmets UK.The dual EPS works in unison with the damper to isolate impact energy from your brain.This helps in managing low and mild threshold acceleration. would provide you with ‘six degrees of freedom’ and would be great and comfortable when using it while riding your dirtbike.

• Superior High-Speed ​​Impact Performance: Across other helmet ranges and their features, the performance of the 6d helmet range has been outperforming everyone.The ODs technology with impact velocities has helped in keeping them in the front line.

6D engineers with meticulous precision evaluate the shell design and the shell layup as well as the damper array and durometer to provide you with the best performance when it comes to this range of the helmet.

Only high-quality material is used for superior impact management performance.No other technology is there that would be as capable of making sure that there is reduced energy transfer to the brain.

Thus, these are some of the salient features of the 6d helmet that you could buy online at Dirt Bike Hub and are available in various designs ad models.

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