safe sex and regular Checkups

December 10, 2019

Safe sex 


Syphilis is a disease caused by one person to another by making a physical connection. It can also be from oral sex. Initially, its symptoms are not recognized. Syphilis is a rapidly spreading infectious disease. It is usually a disease that occurs from one person to another upon making a physical connection. Oral sex can also be the cause of syphilis. Scientifically, it has become clear that syphilis spreads when kissing each other and getting physically close.

Syphilis begins with a wound. The person in whom it starts is not able to identify it in the initial stage and this disease also reaches its sexual partner. If a woman has syphilis, it can happen to the baby growing in her womb, and it can also cause the death of the baby. Syphilis can be fatal for you as well as your baby and partner. Therefore avoidance of this is very important. Through this article, we tell you about prevention from syphilis. Path Lab In Vasundhara Enclave

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