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October 26, 2020

Welcome to the World’s First Enquiry-To-Delivery Trade Enablement Platform, with a worldwide base of in excess of 25,000 Rice Buyers, served by our 800+ elite Rice Rice mill operators each and every day. We make advanced strategic policies the pattern, through innovation

We have successfully carried off all the known flaws of traditional import/export/rice trading practices, for instance, intruding Middle-man, delayed services, unsatisfactory quality, and transit, devoid of the latest technology, etc.


Unlike maize and wheat, most rice will in general be devoured where it is created and it doesn’t enter the global business sectors. However, the volume of worldwide Rice trading has expanded practically fourfold, from 7.5 million tons yearly during the 1960s to a normal of 28.5 million tons during 2000–2009. Current worldwide rice exchanging now remains at around 42 million tons.

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