retro on clear bra straps adjustable fashion street

November 7, 2019

Memory on the approach stage, whether it clear bra straps for strapless bra be a cool autumn breeze, when the weather, someone will gently squeeze you, plays cool touch the shoulder, slippery soft, hands touch the back, the uniformity of the texture , this part is cold autumn in the presence of heat, but clear bras straps you remember the hottest aftertaste.It is expected that a style 1 shirt, a shirt with velvet embroidery, a collar and a curved hem on the fabrics with a flash stroke, will be beautiful in this retro atmosphere, highlighting the atmosphere charm pants clear bra straps adjustable style 2, pants honestly corduroy nine, three-dimensional and light collision, foggy intermittent, the world looks empty, birds and houses are lighter and bright.Shorts style 3, short cowhide embroidery jacket, fabric printed fabric clear bra straps adjustable collar, elegant The interesting embroidery adds a little fun, colors to the addition, giving meaning to the young .. Dress style 4, old flowers and embroidered birds gloves, micro-elastic, beautician sweet points clear bras straps ‘splicing waves, fashi on single charge. Embroidery style embroidery style 5, soft three-dimensional corduroy fabric, these are birds flying on the hottest sky. A flight in the ups and downs of the hills, tireless. Velveteen, not the most popular fabric today, but we are indispensable in the memory of the existence of a warm heart Plump round cashmere, soft texture wear, better warmth, it is often used as autumn clothes The fall-winter series, unrelated to the fish, have never been forgotten on velvet, bearing a new personality, again strongly struck.

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