Renting a Movie in a Few Steps

February 24, 2021

It’s a normal human tendency to be excited about the upcoming holidays, and movie lovers are no different. With Christmas fast approaching and the expected release of at least one major superhero picture (advertising coverage includes Fantastic Four, Ant-Man and the Wasp) in February, film buffs will have plenty of exciting options to choose from. But with superheroes so popular among young viewers nowadays, is it worth getting excited for the prospects of a few Oscar buzzworthy titles?


Although many big-budget studio movies are already shuffled out of release dates to winter of 2021 or later, there are still a handful of high-quality movies on deck for early next year. But with so many promising, but long-since-invented vaccines ready to be administered, industry analysts predict that the forthcoming flu season won’t significantly improve by January. So, what are the possible alternatives to renting a film during the summer, and how will streaming video affect the future of conventional film viewing?


If you’ve already taken to streaming services to watch your favorite studio movies, you’re probably quite attached to your local theaters. After all, it’s much more convenient (and, let’s face it, nicer) to simply rent a ticket and hop into the theater before heading home than it is to drive all over town for a date with a $9.99 special showing of The Hangover. But streaming services don’t offer the full experience of going to the theater. If you want to fully immerse yourself in a fictional world, then maybe you should consider an interactive streaming experience that lets you live inside of a new film.


There’s a handful of sites that offer the ability to live stream specific studio releases. If you find one of these sites, all you need to do is search for titles and allow the site to pre-play a selection. The results will include trailers, photos, and news blurbs about the movie. A few of the websites that offer this service include NetFlix, HBO Go, and Hulu. If you have a NetFlix subscription, the news and movie listings will appear on the front page of the NetFlix site, and the Hulu site features a toolbar so you can scroll through recent releases.


If you’re looking to save money and avoid the expense of a rental, then one month of live streaming is likely not enough. Renting a movie at a theater costs anywhere from four dollars to nine dollars depending on the day and evening. For this reason, you may still be better off renting your favorite title directly from the studio. If you have NetFlix or another pay-per-view service, the movies will come on a new streaming service approximately one month after it comes out in theaters.


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