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PRP Hair Treatment and Its Benefits

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prp hair loss treatment in Lahore Pakistan

Are you suffering from hair loss issues? What should you do? If you are wondering about these questions then you have come to the right place. More than half of the world’s population is suffering from the issue of hair loss. The majority of people opt for the hair transplant procedure but it is not an option for everyone. It is a surgical procedure so people who are already facing medical conditions cannot have this surgery. This is where PRP hair treatment comes. The purpose of this article is to guide people on why they should go for PRP hair treatment.

PRP hair treatment: A PRP hair treatment is also known as Platelet-Rich Plasma treatment. It is a non-surgical procedure. The treatment is done in three steps. In the first step, the blood is drawn from the patient’s body. In the second step, the drawn blood is processed. In the last step, the blood is injected into the area of the scalp that requires hair regrowth.

Cost of PRP hair treatment: PRP clinics are everywhere. For instance, there are many great places where you can get PRP hair treatment in Lahore. The cost of PRP hair treatment is different everywhere. The per-session PRP hair treatment cost in Pakistan starts from 20,000 PKR.

Reasons why you should get PRP treatment:

  1. Non-surgical treatment: A PRP hair treatment is a non-surgical procedure. It is very simple. So, even you are not eligible for a hair transplant procedure, PRP is a great option for you. Some people are not fond of surgeries. PRP is a great option for them as well.

  2. Promotes hair regrowth: It is a method used for hair regrowth. The new hairs you will get after the treatment will be completely natural.

  3. Painless procedure: A PRP hair treatment is a painless procedure. It is done in short sessions. Each session approximately takes 30 minutes.

  4. Extremely Convenient option: It is an extremely convenient option. It doesn’t require recovery time. The patient can do everything without any discomfort.

  5. Safe: The procedure is completely safe. There is no chance of infection or any other side effect. Because the person’s blood is used for promoting hair regrowth. So, if you are worried about the side effects then don’t be.

Although, a hair transplant procedure has a high success rate not everyone is a candidate for the procedure. This is why PRP hair treatment is a better option as everyone can have this. It is also a method that is used for promoting hair regrowth. It offers great results as well. So, if you don’t want to go for the hair transplant procedure then PRP hair treatment is also a great option for you.

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