Programs recommended for ghost producers

May 23, 2020

Ghost producer is a person who uses his musical skills, good hearing and musical taste in his work. And here it is necessary to mention the computer programs used for music production. The article below will list the most used in ghost production.

The first program worth recommending for ghost producer is FL Studio (formerly Fruity Loops) – this is an advanced digital workstation for sound processing, allowing you to create a complete song from composition, mix and mastering. FL Studio was originally created by Didier Dambrin, who is the main programmer of the program and is responsible for its overall development. The program has been created continuously for over 12 years, and its greatest possibilities appreciated by many popular players from around the world. His first steps with such music in FL Studio as famous as Basshunter. There are many applications of the program, starting from creating complete songs, creating foundations, combining them with vocals, ending with “refining” and mixing of ready projects. Although it is possible to use a tool that is simple to use, perfectly suited to amateur and fully professional creation of multi-channel music. In the first case ready templates come in handy, greatly facilitating work with the program. It is an open environment that allows you to fully modify, add new sounds, and combine with other programs. FL Studio has a fully automated work system, centered around an exemplary sequencer.

Logic Pro X is another fairly popular program. This is by far the most advanced version of the Logic application. It offers new, sophisticated tools for professional composition, editing and mixing of sound. These tools are available as part of a modern interface that has been designed with the creators’ needs in mind and easy access to advanced, powerful functions. Logic Pro X includes a powerful collection of instruments, effects and loops that make up a complete set of tools to create perfect, original music. It is a program dedicated to both Windows and IOS owners. The program offers creation with many paths and resembles working with layers. You can group tracks together and control the behavior of many at the same time, you can also collect sound from multiple sources and record several tracks at the same time. Smart tools allow you to modify several parameters in one move, and markers allow you to experiment with the order of the song sections. Projects are saved automatically, so you should not be afraid of losing working hours. Logic Pro production tools allow you to tune fake vocals and change the singing melody, as well as manipulate the tempo and time of the vocal track. You can reach for tools to create acoustic drum sets or electronic beats from the machine. The situation is similar with guitar stoves and effects – thanks to design tools you can create not only your own effect, but also design your own pedalboard.

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