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January 12, 2021

Thottam Farm Fresh, the best supplier of organic Kerala spices online has been living the legacy of excellence in providing high-quality products and premium quality spices. We supply to the food industry worldwide. Source your spices and herbs from us & you can “Private Label” any of our products to promote your own brand! Private Labelling means your branding using our professional-quality labels on our high-grade products. In this competitive business world, we totally understand the importance of having your brand stand apart from the competition!


The presentation of a product highly influences its market impact! As a primer supplier of organic Kerala spices online, Thottam Farm Fresh has extensive experience in this process. Right from developing the initial idea of using a pure spice to custom spice blending and packaging, we are with you!

Spices Labeling 

Thottam Farm Fresh has been catering to the Private Label spice needs of some of the most selective retailers and foodservice providers. We have the capabilities and expertise to prepare products in a variety of package sizes and options including a variety of bags and jars. We prepare, develop, process, and deliver private label solutions for food and beverage marketers like retail chains, trading houses, and packaged food companies.


Thottam Farm Fresh, premier organic Kerala spices online supplier has a professionally trained workforce and a state-of-the-art facility with modern technology packaging lines. This empowers us to develop formulations, test, and manufacture ready-to-retail spice blends & culinary products as per your requirements.


Being the leading provider of organic Kerala spices online, Thottam Farm Fresh has a full line of spices, herbs & seasonings. We can add a superbly balanced flavor to any food manufacturing application. Also, we can transform our process to deliver quality and consistency in serving every need.


Why us?

We join forces with our customers throughout the private labeling process! Our professionals dedicate their time, efforts, and resources to our customer’s branding need right from the start of a project. We are committed to supporting till the branding sees success, notwithstanding its scale, or time is taken.

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Thottam Farm Fresh has an extensive range of ingredients to cater to assorted application segments. We also have the backing of our highly qualified and experienced professionals and a full-fledged facility at our disposal. Analyzing consumer trends across industries, we are often able to foresee future product variants & develop products that exceed expectations.


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