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February 16, 2020

How Do I Know If I Have Astigmatism? – Simple Test for Astigmatism

Astigmatism usually refers to the symptom that objects are seen blurry and overlapped.

When astigmatism persists, it can cause headaches. So, sometimes the cause of headaches is astigmatism.

If you want to find out whether you have astigmatism, follow the simple test below.

  1. Keep a distance from the screen without wearing glasses or contact lens,
  2. Look at the picture below with covering one eye with your hand. Alternate one eye after one.Did you have any result suspicious of astigmatism in any of the 3 tests above?

If so, you should have more accurate diagnosis at your nearest optician or an ophthalmology.

What is Astigmatism? Do I have astigmatism or not?

“Do I have astigmatism or not?”

Have you ever experienced cloudy sight for both close and far objects?

Have you ever felt light exstrophia?

What is astigmatism? Many people have heard of astigmatism but they actually don’t know what it is exactly.

Let’s check out what is the cause of astigmatism and and its symtoms.

Astigmatism is an abnormal light refractive phenomenon that the light went into eyes is refracted and couldn’t focus on one point but spread out to two or more points.

Most of people has astigmatism.

However, it can affects on everyday life if the level of astigmatism becomes serious.

Symptom of Astigmatism

The most typical symptom of astigmatism is that you can not see things clearly. Unlike myopia or hyperopia, people with astigmatism can’t focus on both the near and far objects. Forcing the eye to focus on something that your eyes can’t, will cause the ciliary muscles to contract and make your eyes get tired easily. In addition, rarely accompanied by diplopia.

The causes of astigmatism are divided into innate and acquired cases.

Congenital Astigmatism

Most of people have an eyeball with a round sphere shape. But people with astigmatism have a tilted oval shape of eyeball. To make it easier, we can say that a healthy eyeball has a soccer ball or a basketball shape, and an eyeball with astigmatism has rugby ball shape.

Acquired Astigmatism

In case of a acquired astigmatism, the shape of cornea is shown mutated. Sometimes when the eye lid presses the eye or eyelashes touch the eye, shape of cornea can be mutated and astigmatism occurs.

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