Powerful surah to make husband love you again

October 15, 2020

Every wife wishes that her husband will love her unconditionally till the end of life. However, the situations are not always the same as you expect. Your husband may feel nothing for you or disrespect you sometimes. But do not worry. The Powerful surah to make a husband love you again can prove fruitful to you.

Every husband should hold his wife’s hand tightly in every unknown situation. When you get married to someone, you both make lifetime commitments to stay together. And at times, when your husband doesn’t love you like before, then it can fall you apart.

Perhaps your husband may have fallen in love with another woman. Or he might be so engrossed in his work that he has completely forgotten to spend some quality time with you.

Powerful surah to make husband love you again

Such a situation surely hurts a woman deep down. You do not feel to do anything fruitful. As just imagining that your husband is not loving you back or has fallen in love with somebody else is devastating.

However, it’s time to get back your love with powerful surah to make a husband love you again. This will prove beneficial not just to you but to your entire family. As after all, your entire family gets connected emotionally when you and your partner get married.

In order to deal with such situations, surah and dua can provide you with great strength. They are so powerful and magical that they can resolve your every problem.

So, how to perform this Powerful surah to make a husband love you again?

  • First of all, take a shower.
  • Start with reciting the namaaz of Isah.
  • Place any of your husband’s belongings in front of you. It can be his watch, shirt, or bracelet as well. This should be something that he wears regularly.
  • Recite the following ‘Allah Azeera Tomal Akhtar Imtiyar Omar Ul Uz Kon Toi Pique’.
  • Pray to Allah Tallah to make your husband fall in love with you again.
  • Do this exercise every day for 14 days.

In addition to this, you should be careful of the things below. These are the few precautions that you should bear in your mind.

  • Make sure you follow this surah on a consistent basis. Do not ever skip it for a day if you wish to get best results.
  • Make sure that you do not eat anything that is condemned by Islam. Do not eat haram or drink alcohol.
  • Before you go to sleep at bedtime, spend five minutes in the memory of Allah Tallah. Pray him with all your heart.
  • Perform the namaaz for three times every day.

Implementing this will definitely assure best long term results. Stay true & authentic in whatever you do. If you have any doubts in mind, then you can talk to our Molvi Ji. He will understand your problem & suggest to you the best possible solution.

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