portrait to join clear bra straps adjustable

November 1, 2019

Second clear bra straps for strapless bra Session of Chinese National Apparel Exhibition • Xitang Hanfu Culture Week will be held on November 1st at the Xitang Exhibition for you, and it will captivate the rehearsal scene of thousands of people around the world from Chinese groups, packaging, , equipment clear bra straps adjustable … clear bras straps … clear bras straps intensive rehearsals in slow progress, event director Fan Wenshan commissioned all the work, and the clear bra straps for strapless bra of traditional culture, activities and form is more innovative than in previous years, the exquisite marketing culture is also the director of Fang Wenshan and the first basic style Fang Wenshan Stream Culture Media This time of the week of cultural culture Chinese, including the dynasty carnival, the opening ceremony, Fan Wenshan’s popular speeches, filming, touring, filial piety, youth forum, river lights, Han Chao’s feast and other events related to traditional lovers and tourists, to bring an extraordinary visual experience and cultural feelings, wait and see!

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