Popular Types Of The Cylindrical Roller Bearings Accessed In Huge Numbers!

October 14, 2020

Cylindrical roller bearings are one of those bearings highly accessed in several industries. It is designed with cylinders, and the rolling element is contrary to the ball bearings. Instead of balls, this bearing accesses a cylinder, and therefore it is called cylindrical roller bearings. Its amazing design carries a high radial load easily without excellent speed and amazing performance.

With the cylindrical roller bearing structure, it has the ability to render better usage than the rest of its counterparts. When you consider selecting the right bearing based on the load capacity, cost, durability, and performance, you should understand much about the major types of cylindrical roller bearings. Keep reading the following section until the end to make the right purchase decision.

Types of the cylindrical roller bearing

– The most popular cylindrical roller bearing type is Full Complement Cylindrical Roller Bearing. It is designed for applications with high radial load at the low rotational speed. It has solid inner and outer rings so that it is suitable for heavy load projects. It is available in double rowed and single rowed to fulfill your different needs.

– According to the existence of ribs on the rings, cylindrical roller bearings are divided into NJ, N, NN, NNU, and NF types. Each of these bearings has specific advantages and features. It makes you access the right one as per your needs.

– Axial Cylindrical Roller Bearing is another majorly accessed bearing. It has a contact angle of 90degree and permits bending moments and axial forces. It does not allow the radial forces. There is no tolerance considered for this type of cylindrical roller bearing.

Apart from these, you will find a single row, double row, and Thrust Cylindrical Roller Bearings. Almost all kinds of cylindrical roller bearing are accessed for specific applications. You should join hands with the right manufacturer to make most out of this bearing.

Applications of the cylindrical roller bearing

This bearing is usually made from the pressed steel to maximize durability and strength. This kind of bearing is widely accessed in the railways, electric motors, steel mills, gearboxes, wind turbines, and motorcycles. Even though these bearings are accessed in these industries, it does not mean that its usage is limited to these specific areas. Because of its excellent performance and durability, it is suitable for accessing all the projects and conditions.

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