Polyimide Films Market Analysis, Industry Outlook, Growth and Forecast 2028

May 15, 2020

Global Polyimide Films & Tapes Market: An Overview 

The global polyimide films & tapes market is set to expand at a healthy CAGR in the near future, thanks to rising demand for electronics. Polyimide, also abbreviated as PI is an imide monomer, which belongs to the polymer family. It has been in production since 1955. Due to its natural high heat-resistance, these enjoy diverse commercial applications such as fuel cells, military technology, and electronics displays among others.

Polyimide materials are known to be resistant to chemicals, heat, provide flexibility, and are lightweight. These qualities open up applications such as magnetic wiring, insulating films, and flexible cables. The global polyimide films & tapes market is expected to receive a major boost in the near future, thanks to polyimide’s application in laptop computers. The personal devices use a delicate display, which must flex every time the device is opened and closed.

The polyimide-based copper cable provides a suitable application for this purpose. Hence, various polyimides like UPILEX, Apical, VTEC PI, Apical, Kaptrex, and Norton TH are expected to create new opportunities in the polyimide films & tapes market. Additionally, polyimide also serves a useful purpose in sensitive medical applications, wherein high temperatures can be necessary and requires utmost care in handling.

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Global Polyimide Films & Tapes Market: Notable Developments

Researchers have discovered a wireless electronic sweat sensors platform which is battery free and promises to use biofuel cells. It integrates cronometric microfluidic platforms with a copper-based polyimide layer as substrate. Sweat sensors are extremely important for premium atheletes who are required to monitor their performance closely. Additionally, due to water-proof nature of polyimide, it can also offer sweat-sensing applications under water. This study published in Science Advance reports a device which is offers a commercial application for monitoring sweat rate, lactate, pH, chloride, and glucose levels as well.

Global Polyimide Films & Tapes Market: Key Trends

Polyimide films and tapes also known as flex materials in end-use industries, are expected to rise in demand, thanks to growing application in flexible printed circuit. These electronic circuits are growing in demand as consumer fascination with small hand-held devices continues to rise. Additionally, increasing innovation in vehicles, trends such as autonomous driving are also expected to fuel growth for the polyimide films and tapes market. Growing electronics industry, cost-effectiveness of flex products, and their reliability are expected to drive robust growth for the polyimide films and tapes market.

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