Place to Stay in Hargeisa

January 23, 2020

A good place to stay in Hargeisa is the Oriental Hotel. This hotel is located in a good location. A single room will cost you $15 and the double room will cost you $30. The price tag includes breakfast. The hotel is old and the rooms are quite basic. The twin bed were goods but the Wi-Fi is not reliable. The food quality was satisfactory and the individual present at the reception can speak English well. The majority of the meals are $5. Remember that no food is served between 2 pm to 5 pm. Fish, rice, and goat are good here. 

Somali tea is very good. The price per pot of tea is $1. The price of coffee is also the same. You can also buy big bottles of water for $1 or from the small shops on the street. The price is 5000 Somaliland shillings that are almost 0.50c. You must ensure that the caps are properly closed. 

Clothes to Wear During Traveling 

Men can wear pent and shirt or address that is worn in the Middle East by the Arabs. In the case of women, the body should be covered properly. A woman has to wear a scarf for covering the hair, wear long loose trousers or a skirt, and long sleeves. 

Tips to Be Safe in Hargeisa 

Some of the tips are listed below:

  • As mentioned above, it is important for female travelers to be covered properly when you are leaving the hotel for exploring the city. 
  • From 2 to 5 pm there is no major activity done because it is too hot in Hargeisa. 
  • People come out in the evening but it is not recommended to walk around the city after dark especially for female travelers. 
  • If still, anyone wants to go, then it is best to book a taxi or driver for taking you to a certain place. 

• People are friendly in Hargeisa but still, you will be approached by beggars, people, and kids asking for money from you.

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