Physiotherapy Exercises To Prevent Back Pain And Reduce The Risk Of Back Injury

September 11, 2020

Continuous exercise or a negligent attitude towards your body can result in sharp pain in your back. This is common for sports persons or those who are getting back to a fitness regime after a break. Over time, if this type of back pain repeats itself, that is an alarming sign and it might be worth reaching out to the experienced physiotherapists in town.

The physiotherapists can advise and monitor some of the physiotherapy exercises. Find some of them in this article below. These exercises are easy to perform but be mindful not to overexert yourself. These exercises provide the best relief to your back when you do them as per the recommendation of your assigned physiotherapist, though.

Partial crunches

This exercise strengthens your abdomen and backbone. It releases some of the tension from your backbone. You perform these types of physiotherapy exercises by lying straight on the floor. Bend your knees, and let feet be grounded on the floor.

Take your upper body off the ground to a 30- or 40-degree angle with the arms on your chest or at your back. With this stance, your lower back stays flat on the ground. This way, the backbone does not feel much pressure.

You can hold on to this position in mid-air for a few seconds while breathing out. Then slowly go back as you breathe in. Repeat this process 5-8 times initially. For complicated or advanced partial crunches, you would have to talk to your assigned physiotherapist.

Knee to chest

This is one of the easiest physiotherapy exercises to perform. You might or might not need immediate supervision for this one. Lie flat on the floor. Now, bend your knees. Take one foot off the floor and push it closer to your chest as you breathe out.

This eases the muscles at the back. Hold this position for a while. Now, return to the original position. Do this with the other leg as well. Repeat this process at least 10 times.


These are some advanced exercises. These require the right and tight supervision of your physiotherapist. Without the experienced physiotherapist, you might end up hurting your back more.

But, with the right supervision, the trainer helps your back to ease with the pain. Pilates exercises focus on strengthening, stretching, and relaxing the muscles in your body. This includes even the lower or the upper back muscles.

Bridging with Physioball

This exercise requires you to lie on the floor with the heel of your legs resting well on the physioball. You then have to draw in your lower abdomen and push your body up with hips.


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