Physical Therapy Tape Spider Tech

September 16, 2020

SpiderTech is the manufacturer of the world’s most innovative therapeutic tape, also known as kinesiology tape, or elastic sports tape. This athletic tape is a non-medicated and water-resistant tape that you can apply wherever your muscles need support.

SpiderTech kinesiology tape is the drug-free way to reduce discomfort and activate muscle motion. Created by NUCAP, a global technology leader founded in 1994, the innovation firm designs and manufactures its products in Toronto, Canada for consumers across North America and around the world.

SpiderTech provides you with easy to use universal i-STRIPS, rolls, and Pre-Cut Therapeutic Tape applications for Drug-free pain relief. SpiderTech was developed as a company focused on the creation of innovative and effective functional medical products designed to approach pain management and myofascial dysfunction through the use of specialized elastic tape applications called SpiderTech Taping Applications.

Visit the SpiderTech website to learn more about their kinesiology taping solutions:

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